10 Academic Tips for Students

Sometimes general academic tips don’t work for everyone, as each person is their own individual. Sometimes we each have our own little special study habits that work for us as individuals, so why not share them in case it helps someone else?

Here are some tips complied by our tutors that they do personally to stay ahead.

  1.      Feeling overwhelmed? Do a little at a time! Don’t let your assignments build up until you are struggling to finish them the day before they are due. From the beginning of the semester do a couple hours of homework every day even if something is not due right away, so you can stay on top of assignments.
  2.      Find a quiet place on campus where you can study! The reference room of the library is perfect for silent studying.`
  3.      Make a study playlist! Find songs that you can listen to without getting distracted, so you can drown out any background noise.
  4.      Get distracted by social media? Have a friend change your passwords for the duration of time it takes you to complete an especially intense, or time consuming project.
  5.      Hunger on your mind? Bring some healthy snacks to your study sessions so you can concentrate uninterrupted by hunger pangs.
  6.      Studying on the go? Download your notes to your Google Docs, then download the app and read your notes from your smartphone as you walk to your class.
  7.      Need memorization help? Apps like Quizlet allow you to make flashcards easily that can be accessed on any device. Quizlet can convert the flash cards into a test format, matching, and even games, making mastery of those vocab words a breeze.
  8.      Forgetting assignments? Missing deadlines? Google Calendar is a great app to keep track of due dates and deadlines. You can even schedule reminders for days in advance.
  9.      Take a break. Sometimes walking away from something for a few minutes helps us organize our thoughts and then look at it with fresh eyes.
  10.      Did you know that sleep itself has a role in the consolidation of memory? This is essential for learning new information. Instead of pulling an all-nighter before an exam, study during the day and get a full night’s rest, then briefly review the next morning before the exam.

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